In dialogue with art

Art is not only interesting and beautiful; it can also be moving, perplexing, innovative, and disturbing. It triggers processes of thinking and opens spaces of conversation. All of these aspects have a place in our range of exhibition tours. The tours offer deeper insights into our special exhibitions and the presentations of our regular collection, with information given in a readily understandable and lively form. Our art educators are there to help you explore the works and see their particular features in a new light.

  • Participant numbers are limited.
  • No need for advance registration—tickets are available online or at the ticket office on the day of your visit.
Participants take part in a tour about a painting exhibition.

Public Tours

Public tours enable visitors to explore current exhibitions at the Fondation Beyeler in greater depth. They are conducted by our art educators and take place every day [in German].

On Sundays, occasional tours are also offered in French, English, Italian or Spanish.

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Two young people stand in front of a painting and talk about art.


Every second Monday we invite you to join in a discussion with our art educators about selected topics relating to our current exhibition. These events offer fresh and surprising insights, enabling you to broaden your knowledge and deepen your connection with individual works [in German].

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Visitors stand and sit in front of a painting by Claude Monet.

Works in focus

Every second Wednesday in the month at midday, a 30-minute work viewing takes place during which a brief but intensive examination of a selected artwork from the respective exhibition can be enjoyed. Participants learn about the works, their origins and background and can exchange their thoughts and ideas in interactive discussions [in German].

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A woman and a young girl in front of a collection of fotos in an exhibition room.

Family Tours

Children respond to art spontaneously, approaching it with open eyes and ears. This is reflected in our family tours, providing children from age six to ten and their families with an unforgettable experience of art. The tour lasts for one hour and takes place on Sunday once a month. It can be combined into a full-day excursion with a visit to the park along the River Wiese or the outdoor swimming pool in Riehen [in German].

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Curator R. Bouvier presents a painting in a museum hall.

Curator's Tour

See the current exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler through the eyes of its curator. He or she will talk about the conception, organization and planning of the show, and also about the artists, their era, the genesis of the works, and their art-historical significance [in German].

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Visitors interact with the art in an exhibition room at the Fondation Beyeler.

Performative Tours

Our performative tours offer new perspectives on the works in the current exhibition. Together with a performance artist, you explore the various museum spaces. You encounter works of art through different performative exercises, making use not only of your eyes but your whole body. This way you receive unusual perceptions of the works and their context [in German].

No prior knowledge or skills needed.

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Frontal view of musuem building Fondation Beyeler from architect Renzo Piano.

Architecture tours

One of the most significant works at the Fondation Beyeler is the museum building, designed by Renzo Piano. The architecture tours provide an introduction to the history of the building, from Ernst Beyeler's initial idea to the opening in 1997. The topics addressed include the technical sophistication of the construction, the relationships between external and internal space, the subtle use of light, and the unique interplay between architecture, art, and nature [in German].

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Visitors in the Berower Park interact with a sculpture.

Performative tours in the park

Accompanied by a performance artist, you explore the museum park making use not only of your eyes but your whole body. During different performative exercises you engage interactively with the outdoor sculptures from the Beyeler collection and discover new perspectives [in German].

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Inner view of decked table in the Restaurant in the Park at the Fondation Beyeler

Art Breakfast

Our art breakfasts provide a cultural start to your day. A delicious breakfast at the Beyeler Restaurant im Park is followed by a tour of the current exhibition [in German].

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