A digital experience of art

Our digital formats provide visitors with material to try out directly from home. In conversations with Basel-based journalist Naomi Gregoris, the podcast NAH DRAN - Stimmen im Kontext von Krise, Flucht und Ankommen (in german) provides personal perspectives on the installation Palimpsest by Doris Salcedo.The audio guides offer a unique listening experience and provide information on the respective exhibitions.

Palimpsest Podcast

On the occasion of Doris Salcedo's installation Palimpsest, the podcast NAH DRAN - Stimmen im Kontext von Krise (in german), Flucht und Ankommen (Voices in the Context of Crisis, Flight and Arrival) conveys personal perspectives on the issues addressed in the artwork.

Audio guides

Our exhibition audio guides offer a special listening experience, taking visitors on an audio tour that provides deeper insights into the life and world of the artists, together with art-historical background information on selected works. A charge is made for use of the guides, which are available in the museum Art Shop.