Access for all

The Fondation Beyeler strives in various ways to provide an enriching experience of art for visitors with disabilities. All rooms are easily accessible to wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility. These visitors can also make unrestricted use of our wide range of guided tours. For particpating in workshops, we would kindly ask wheelchair users to contact us in advance via For people with impaired hearing, we offer  tours accompanied by sign language interpreters. For blind or partially sighted visitors, tours are available with detailed descriptions of works, in a language according to their needs. On request, we can also prepare special tours and workshops for people with cognitive impairments or with a dementia.  



Recipients of a Swiss disability pension pay a reduced admission fee. Admission is free for care partners of people with disabilities who cannot visit the museum alone. Special preparations for your visit can be made on request.

Elderly people get a tour from two art mediators.

Visitors with hearing impairments

For visitors with hearing impairments we offer specially devised tours for each exhibition.

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Visitors with visual impairments

For blind or partially sighted visitors we offer specially devised tours for each exhibition.

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Senioren bekommen Führung von einer Dame der Kunstvermittlung.

Visitors with dementia

We offer group tours with appropriately worded commentaries on selected works.

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A person in a wheelchair looks a painting of a lanscape in a museum hall

Wheelchair users

The museum is fully wheelchair-accessible.

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