A passion for art

Collector couple Ernst and Hildy Beyeler assembled a collection of fine works of classical modernism over fifty years, parallel to their work as successful gallery owners. The collection was converted into a foundation in 1982, and exhibited in its entirety for the first time in 1989. The collection includes approximately 400 paintings and sculptures and gives a personal view of classical modernism that is based above all on quality.

Purpose of the Foundation

The Beyeler-Stiftung is the owner of the Beyeler Collection, and is dedicated to making the works accessible to the public by operating the museum. One of the foundation’s further goals is to awaken and nurture an interest in the arts in young people.

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Board of Trustees

Hansjörg Wyss (President), Gottfried Boehm, Edgar Fluri, James Koch, Georg Krayer, Eric Lohrer, Christoph Megert, Georg Schmid, Christoph Stutz, Michael Willi