Engaging with Art

The main purpose of art education is to encourage vistors to actively engage with art. By providing supplementary information on works and periods of art history, we seek to promote a better understanding of artists' multifaceted activities. We offer a space for individuals to deepen their contemplation of art and share their impressions and thoughts with others. A particular objective of art education at the Fondation Beyeler is to enable people of different ages and backgrounds to explore the practice of art as well as its content.

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Public Offers

Circle of people infront of a row of paintings.


Tours offer an opportunity to gain further insights into special exhibitions and the museum's regular collection. They provide background information on artists and works, and facilitate dialogue and discussion.



Woman reachers for colour tubs in a studio.


A tour of the exhibition is followed by a visit to the studio, where participants can engage in practice with what they have seen and discussed.


Mobile Studio

The Mobile Studio offers inspiration and material for creative exploration of the environment. In good weather it is located in the park, in bad weather under the canopy near the studios.

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Smiling woman looks into the camera while holding a drawing in her hand.


For adult visitors wanting to enhance their understanding of the art on display, we offer a variety of tours and workshops with a practical focus.

Tours Workshops

A group of people look at a large painting on the wall

Families and Children

Our special program of workshops, tours, and family days offer extraordinary art experiences to children and their parents.

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Young people discuss togeather in museum.


These events and activities are all about you -– young people at the museum. Here you can share your ideas about art with others of your own age group, and take an active role in making art, as well as talking about it.

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Large group of people look at a black painting on the wall with their backs to camera.

Private Groups

Guided visits for companies, tour groups, associations or private parties offer a chance to experience art in an exclusive setting and in a way that is guaranteed to spark conversation.

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Children workshop takes place in front of a blue painting


Group tours and workshops offer school and college students a range of opportunities to experience art and exchange ideas at the Fondation Beyeler.

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A person in a wheelchair looks a painting of a lanscape in a museum hall


Accessibility is a key priority at the Fondation Beyeler. The museum provides barrier-free access to all areas and specially designed learning resources for visitors with disabilities.

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Further offers

Woman with a smartphone in her hand in front of Kelly sculpture in park.

Digital and Multimedia

We provide digital learning materials to get creative at home. Our audio guides offer a special listening experience with background information on exhibitions.

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Group of women talk with each other in a museum hall

Further Training

Our programs of further training for educators and experts provide a range of opportunities to discuss questions concerning art and art education.

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The accompanying materials to our exhibitions include gallery guides, activity books for children, and games, which are available in the museum and the Art Shop and can also be accessed online.

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