The Fondation Beyeler is a privately funded museum. Since opening in 1997, the museum has won worldwide recognition for its excellent exhibitions and reached a broad and also young audience. The collector couple Ernst and Hildy Beyeler created a basis for this with their extraordinary commitment to art and art education. This commitment is pursued today by our visitors, public sponsors, partners, foundations, patrons, and sponsors. It is thanks to them that the Fondation Beyeler can continue to offer exhibitions of a quality that attracts international attention.


How to support the Fondation Beyeler

“I wanted to see how something develops and if it has a reason for being,” Ernst Beyeler said.
We would very happy for your support in the continuation of the Fondation Beyeler. There are various ways of being involved:

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As a sponsor

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As a Corporate Member

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With a donation

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As a Friend of the Fondation Beyeler

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As a member of the Art Club

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As a member of the Young Art Club

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Stay up to date

If you are interested in the Fondation Beyeler and its various exhibitions and events, we would be happy to keep you informed via newsletters and social media.