Art for reading and play

Are you looking for an introduction to the exhibition, practical exercises for use in schools, or ideas for creative play based on individual works of art? Our exhibitions are accompanied by a range of educational publications - gallery guides, activity books for children, and further publications and educational materials. These are available at the museum, in the Art Shop, or online.

Gallery guides

Special exhibitions and presentations of the museum's regular collection are accompanied in each case by gallery guides providing a concise introduction to the subject of the show. Short commentaries on individual works are combined with more general information on the artists and their place in the history of art. The guides, published in three languages (German, Englisch, French), are available at the museum, or can be downloaded in advance of your visit.

Child holds art magazine in front of its face.

Activity books

Activity books for individual exhibitions are available free of charge to children and families at the museum Art Shop. A series of nine or ten exercises enables children to engage playfully and interactively with the works in the exhibition and, armed with a pencil, to explore the exhibition by observing and drawing works [in German].

Sitting person holds an art magazine in front of her face.


The ANSICHTEN series of publications is designed for art enthusiasts and teachers seeking a deeper understanding of works in the collection of the Fondation Beyeler. Focusing on a single artist, each issue contains detailed commentaries and information on his or her art and working methods. The second part of the publication contains suggestions and instructions that can be put into practice in the museum, the classroom, the studio or elsewhere [in German].

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"What is Art?"

"What is art?" is an introduction to art for young people and adult art lovers. Its starting point is a set of 27 authentic questions, collated by the team of authors with the help of high school students, that lead straight to the heart of the debate: "When does something qualify as 'art'?" "Why are some art works so incredibly expensive?" or "Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?" The answers deal with complex topics in a readily understandable form. The book is a stimulating aid to discovering the world of art. It is available in four languages  (German, Englisch, French, Italian) from the museum Art Shop.

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"Das Dingsda im Museum"

This new museum game invites children and adults to explore works of art together through questions and playful discussion. The game is suitable for any exhibition. Museum visitors can borrow it free of charge from the Fondation Beyeler Art Shop. It can also be experienced digitally [in German].

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