Friday Beyeler

Friday Beyeler: Augen-Blicke (Eye-gazing)

Under the direction of Paul Mellenthin and David Richter, this Friday Beyeler evening explores the question of the gaze in Jeff Wall’s photographs. The aim is to understand the interactions of people within Wall’s images and to explore the social contexts in which they operate. Images depicting the roles of women and men, children and animals, but also class relations and social hierarchies will be analysed. Through moving explorations of the exhibition space, participants will be encouraged to empathise with Jeff Wall’s visual worlds and to decipher the hidden stories and social constructions contained therein. What power relations, gender roles and questions of identity are at the heart of these worlds? This interactive art viewing offers a unique opportunity not only to explore the visual aesthetics of Wall’s work, but also to reflect on the underlying sociocultural dynamics. The event will be held in German and English. Advance booking is not required for this event. Paul Mellenthin is an art historian whose research focuses on the theory and history of photography and has been teaching at the Institute of Art History at the University of Tübingen since July 2023. David Richter is an artist and art educator based in Basel. Meeting point: museum foyer

Enjoy a relaxed evening out at the museum after work: ‘Friday Beyeler’ is the perfect way to kick off the weekend. The museum is open until 9 pm and the restaurant until 10 pm. Unless otherwise stated, admission to ‘Friday Beyeler’ is included in the museum ticket. If you spend at least CHF 25 per person in the restaurant, you can enter the museum on the same evening for free. Valid on Fridays between 6 and 9 pm. More information can be found at