Friday Beyeler

Friday Beyeler: Georgian film night

A screening of the 1930 documentary “Buba” by Nutsa Gogoberidze (1902–1966), one of Georgia's first female filmmakers, awaits the audience at our Georgian film night. For a long time lost and banished from film history, “Buba” is a pioneering documentary about the remote mountainous region of Racha in north-western Georgia during the Soviet era.


6 p.m. First screening of the documentary film "Buba"
6.45 p.m. Introduction by Daniel Baumann, guest curator of the exhibition "Niko Pirosmani"
from 7 p.m. Second screening of the documentary film "Buba" in the loop

The introductory talk will be held in German.

Venue: Renzo-Piano-Saal


“Friday Beyeler” is an invitation to start the weekend off with a relaxed Friday evening visit to the museum. The museum remains open until 9 p.m.; Restaurant until 10 p.m. Unless otherwise indicated, “Friday Beyeler” is included in the museum admission. For a minimum restaurant order of CHF 25 per person admission to the museum on the same evening is free. Further information available here: