A playful encouter with art

The Fondation Beyeler programme offers unforgettable experiences of art to families, who are invited to explore the current exhibitions together and experience art from various perspectives. Workshops provide a chance for children to engage with art in practical ways, by learning about and applying artistic techniques. Events such as our Family Day, Summer Festival, and Museum Night are also ideal occasions for an excursion to Riehen—offering a range of museum games and workshops that encourage children and families to join in and take an active part in the day's events.

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Families & Children

A woman and a young girl in front of a collection of fotos in an exhibition room.

Family Tours

These interactive family tours for children aged six to ten, accompanied by their parents, offer a playful experience of art for young and old alike [in German].

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A young girl experiments with green plants from the exhibition «Life».

Workshops for children

The focus of our workshops for children aged six to ten is on experimentation with artistic techniques, offering a feast of fun and enabling the children to let their imagination run free. At the end of the session, they can take home the results of their creative efforts [in German].

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Three young children play in the park at the Fondation Beyeler.

Family Day

Our twice-yearly Family Day enables children and parents to experience art in a variety of ways, with workshops, guided tours, and games in the museum and the park.

If the weather refuses to cooperate, the three studio spaces are open for creative experimentation.

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Storytelling carpet

Children aged three to six and their parents are invited to take a seat on a brightly colored carpet in front of works in the current exhibition. There they can listen to stories or make up tales of their own. The stories, based on the works, include comments on pictures, background information, and biographical anecdotes, presented in an age-appropriate way that invites the children to look at the works for themselves and invent their own stories [in German].

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