Experimental encounter with art

Workshops at the Fondation Beyeler begin with a guided tour of the exhibition in which the participants are invited to participate actively. Afterward, what was seen and experienced is explored in-depth, hands-on. Various art techniques and practices are used in a playful manner to better understand the artists and artistic movements and trends. No prior knowledge or artistic talent is necessary.

The workshops for children aged 6 to 10 years old emphasize experimentation with artistic techniques.

For anyone interested in experimental formats. The Youth Studio combines dialogue-based tours with workshop visits.

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Nächste Termine

Free workshops on the current exhibition in our ateliers.

After a guided tour of the exhibition, the workshop for adults provides the opportunity to deepen the experience through practical application.

Private workshop

The Fondation Beyeler offers groups the option of a private workshop (following a tour of the exhibition). It is also offered outside of opening hours and in various languages.