Sound Garden with Cali P

Pierre Nanon, alias ‘Cali P’, is one of the most successful reggae musicians in Switzerland. His multicultural heritage is clearly felt in his music. Born in the town of Schlieren, he carries within him the roots of both his Rastafarian father from French-Caribbean Guadeloupe and his Swiss mother. At an early age, Nanon joined his father’s band and came into contact with Jamaican dancehall for the first time through the ‘Gideon Soldiers Sound System’. Later, musical icons such as Bob Marley and his son Ziggy shaped Nanon’s musical and personal development. It is therefore not surprising that today, as Cali P, Nanon carries the message of reggae and Rastafari to different parts of the world with his music. For a Sound Garden evening, Cali P brings his warm songs to the park of the Fondation Beyeler. The concert series will take place every Wednesday between 6 and 8 pm in the park of the Fondation Beyeler from 19 June to 25 September 2024. Admission is free and no prior booking is necessary.