Museum opening times

Open daily, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Wednesdays, 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

The museum is open 365 days a year - with regular opening hours on all Sundays and public holidays.

Visitors with disabilities

All rooms in the museum have been designed to meet the needs of visitors with mobility impairments. The Fondation Beyeler is committed to giving all visitors with disabilities access to the works of art in its collection and its exhibitions. Special arrangements can be made on request. People with disabilities are entitled to a reduced admission price. Admission for carers accompanying disabled visitors (who would otherwise be unable to visit the museum) is free.

Wheelchairs / People with mobility impairments

The museum and the museum park are fully wheelchair accessible. The museum can be entered down an entrance ramp (70 metres long with a gradient of 6.25%). The entire indoors area is on a single level without steps or obstacles. A lift is available for access to exhibitions in the basement – door breadth: 85 cm; lift breadth: 140 cm. Toilets for the physically disabled in the foyer are also wheelchair accessible – door breadth: 95 cm; seat height: 47 cm; hinged handles and handle grips are installed and a wheelchair-adapted washbasin is available. The mirror is mounted at a suitably lower height.

Types of ground/flooring: Inside the museum all the rooms have parquet flooring. The access ramp into the museum is paved with stone slabs while the forecourt surrounding the Villa Berower is cobbled. The paths in the park are laid out with finely graded gravel but are suitable for use by wheelchairs.

Restaurant: The garden terrace of the Berower Villa is easily accessed by wheelchair. Entering the restaurant, however, requires assistance. A step leads up into the building; the door is only 70 cm wide but has a second leaf that can be opened. The toilets are also only partially accessible for wheelchairs. The first door is 80 cm, the second door 60 cm wide; the seat is 41 cm high.

Getting here: We suggest using public transport. Take the low-floor tram no. 1 from Basel SBB main station to Basel Theatre (information from: BLT Baselland Transport AG, phone +41 (0)61 - 406 11 11), then continue with tram No. 6 until you reach the stop “Fondation Beyeler” (information from: Baseler Verkehrs-Betriebe, phone +41 (0)61 - 685 12 12). Both travel companies use low-floor trams.
Alternatively, you can also travel by car or with the transport company for disabled people “Behindertentransport beider Basel” (advanced booking required: phone +41 (0)61 - 666 66 66). A marked parking space reserved for disabled visitors can be found in Baselstrasse, right by the entrance to the "Zentrum" multi-storey car park.

Additional service:
The museum also has two wheelchairs available for physically disabled visitors. Please contact us beforehand (phone +41 (0)61 - 645 97 11) to ensure they are still available for your use. Folding chairs are also available; please ask at the entrance.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing visitors

For the deaf and hard-of-hearing, special guided tours are available, conducted in German sign language, usually once per exhibition. Click Calendar.

In addition, written information about every exhibition is available on our website.

Free fact sheets on the works in each gallery are available in German, French and English throughout the museum. Each exhibition is also accompanied by catalogue.

Blind and partially sighted visitors

Special museum tours with detailed visual descriptions are available for visitors who are blind or partially sighted, in general once per exhibition. Click Calendar.

The museum is easy to reach from the tram stop “Fondation Beyeler”. Descend from the tram and turn to your left. After about 12 metres you’ll reach a pedestrian crossing, which is where you should cross the road. Then proceed another 30 metres to the right until you reach the main entrance of the museum park. Enter the park and follow the path that veers to the right. This will take you down a 50-metre ramp to the entrance of the museum. The admissions desk is located just outside the entrance on the right.

On the whole, the information panels in the museum galleries are very small. But each exhibition is also described at the outset with a short text panel printed in relatively large type. Guide dogs are welcome at the museum. You are requested, however, not to touch any of the works.

Visitors with learning and developmental disabilities

Special tours and workshops for visitors with learning and developmental disabilities are available on request.

For further events and services, click Calendar.


Baselstrasse 101
CH-4125 Riehen / Basel
Phone +41 - 61 - 645 97 00
Fax +41 - 61 - 645 97 19

Getting here

We suggest using public transport. The easiest route to the Fondation Beyeler is by tram No. 2 from Basel SBB main station (direction: Badischer Bahnhof), changing at Badischer Bahnhof to tram No. 6 (direction: Riehen Grenze) and descending at the stop Fondation Beyeler. Travel time: 25 min. approx. Alternatively, travel by train directly from Basel SBB main station and Badischer Bahnhof to Riehen (direction: Zell im Wiesental, Germany), then a short walk of 5 min. approx.

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