Thomas Schütte. Figur

The publication is devoted to the area of Thomas Schütte’s oeuvre in which the human figure provides the artistic point of focus and departure. Schütte takes up the tradition of figurative sculpture and, from it, develops figures and heads that are rooted irrevocably in the present day, both in their technical manufacture and in the presence they radiate. Whether ceramic sculptures the size of a hand or steel ‘Spirits’ standing four meters tall, Thomas Schütte’s figures and heads are strangely foreign and familiar at the same time – counterparts with the power to move us. 

Text by Adrian Searle. Interview with Thomas Schütte by Theodora Vischer. With a conversation between Gerhard Richter, Thomas Schütte and Theodora Vischer.

The catalogue is only available in German and is published by Walther König Verlag.

Exhibition catalogue Thomas Schütte