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Artist Talks is a program organized by the Fondation Beyeler and UBS in which internationally renowned contemporary artists speak about their work. The talks have an open, dynamic format and range from traditional artist’s talks to moderated conversations between artists and prominent figures from the art world. The Artist Talks are held at the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen/Basel and at other art institutions in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the USA.

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Artist Talks


Various perspectives on art and our exhibitions - Dance, performances, music und lectures; Perspectives by children, visitors and our celebrity guests.


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The relationships between music and visual art are diverse and have a long history. We often involve musical connections in the programs accompanying the exhibitions. It shows the artists' personal relationships to music and invites you to concerts by well-known musicians, thus creating new, vital connections to the exhibitions and the works.


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The supporting program organized by the Fondation Beyeler to accompany the exhibitions does more than create connections to literature, music, and architecture. Renowned performers and contemporary dance ensembles are also frequently invited as a part of the program. They take up the artistic idiom of the exhibited works and interpret it as movement in space, creating impressive and intimate live experiences in the museum.


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Young people bringing art closer to other young people. Voices from our Art Lab and the Young Art Club. Curated by the Art Lab and friends.


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Collection & Restoration and Conservation

Ernst and Hildy Beyeler were passionately involved in the arts throughout their lives. They made all the paintings and sculptures of their world-famous art collection accessible to the public at the Fondation Beyeler in 1997. Today, the collection comprises 350 classic modern and contemporary works.


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