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Bringing art mediation direct to your home: Our website BeyelerCreate presents a range of digital offers, including workshops and ideas for drawing and colouring, that are inspired by our current exhibitions. There are useful tips and suggestions to help you with the challenges and unleash your own creativity. Appealing to young and old alike, BeyelerCreate is a perfect tool for home-schooling or banishing lockdown boredom.

Join in and share your creations under the hashtag #BeyelerCreate



An organic play of forms

Colourful Mobile

Put some colour in your home - make a colored mobile with help from us and inspiration from Matisse.


Automatic Sculpture

Hans Arp, Automatic Sculpture

The Open Studio Workshop takes its inspiration from the title of Hans Arp’s "Automatic Sculpture," made by the artist as a tribute to Auguste Rodin’s sculpture "Crouching Woman". Instead of copying Rodin's crouching figure, Arp developed an abstract, organic form of his own. In the following instructions, we show how you too can create a form that emerges spontaneously, guided by the unconscious.


The instructions call for drawing tools and paper. However, you may wish to use other materials: send us an email at and we'll mail a small pack of materials free of charge to your home address.

The instructions cover both versions, with and without the materials pack.

1) Paper and pen

2) Version with the pack of materials including modeling clay and QR codes

Shadow play

Auguste Rodin, The Shadow

Two of the works in "Rodin/Arp" are concerned with shadows and shade. Rodin takes up the theme in his male figure The Shade, which contrasts with Arp's abstract, organic Shadow Figure. Both artists address the challenge of translating things that are intangible - light and shade - into three-dimensional terms.

Taking the opposite approach, we are going to create three-dimensional objects as a basis for shadow images that recreate works by Rodin and Arp. Make your own shadow picture according to our instructions.  

Tip: Are you Interested in working with more than the upcycling materials you happen to find at home? Write to us, giving your name and address, at and we’ll send you a pack of materials as soon as possible.

Sketch it!

Nice to have you with us at SKETCH IT! for the exhibition "Rodin/Arp". Today we are looking at "randomness": Both artists explored its possibilities in their artworks. The sculptor Louise Bourgeoise experimented with the interplay between drawing and modelling and the random effects that result. Have fun trying out the activities and getting creative!


Drawing at random


VIDEOS For young and old

More Videos

Henri Rousseau’s "Le lion ayant faim" for children

What happens when a small squirrel meets a hungry lion in the museum? Well obviously, it starts wondering about art! A commentated viewing with actress Regina Leitner and her inquisitive squirrel in front of Henri Rousseau’s celebrated masterpiece «Le lion ayant faim». A nutty enjoyment for all children aged 5 to 10 and an appetiser for the holiday season.

Other episodes: Edward Hopper and Alexander Calder

[in German]


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