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Please note: For sanitary safety reasons, guided tours are limited to late afternoons and evenings outside museum opening hours. All public offers in the museum and in the park can be found in our agenda.

Private guided tours from 4 p.m. and evening events after regular opening hours can be booked through the Guided Tour Coordination on +41616459720 or Private guided tours until 4 p.m. and school tours will continue to take place in our park only.

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Communicating with art

Guided tours at the Fondation Beyeler aim to make art accessible in a variety of ways and to explore the unknown and gain new perspectives. In addition to general and thematic tours, we offer a focus on individual artworks, architectural tours, tours for families, for the aurally or visually handicapped, and for foreign-language speakers. We also regularly invite visitors to art breakfasts, tours with curators, and to the “24-stops” tour along the Rehberger-Weg.

The tours provide in-depth glimpses into the exhibitions and collection. They are intended to convey background information about the works and artists, but they also encourage you to see actively and to reflect on what has been seen and experienced. Art is not only interesting and beautiful, but can also be stirring, irritating, vivid, innovative, frightening, or even melancholic. It is an outlet for feelings, criticism, attitudes to life, and can stimulate thought and discussion.

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