Experiencing art together

A private guided tour of the Fondation Beyeler allows companies, associations, tour groups or private parties to have an exclusive art experience that will definitely give you something to talk about. Art is not there just to be looked at but also to stimulate the exchange of views and discussion. A private workshop in the studio offers the opportunity to actively expand on what has been seen. The group is also welcome to explore the museum without a guide. Please be aware that advance booking is required.



Your group is welcome to explore the museum and the exhibitions without a tour guide. Written texts provide information on the works, and audio guides are available for the larger exhibitions. Groups of 100 persons and more have the possibility of using the “Ask Me” service: you may pose questions directly to art mediators in the exhibition rooms.
Please note that for groups of 20 people or more, advance booking is required in writing, even if no tour guide is needed.

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Guided tours and workshops

Private art tours, evening tour, architecture tour

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Private workshop (including guided tour)

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