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Das Dingsda im Museum | *Cúmulo" | Episode 4

In Tacita Dean‘s impressive chalk painting "Cúmulo" (2016) the clouds really seem to float across the blackboard. While grandfather Werner is wondering where one might find these sort of clouds, his granddaughter Emelie already discovered an UFO flying into space. See what they say in the 4th episode of "Das Dingsda im Museum" – produced in collaboration with BLKB  [in German]

A Look At Individual Works

"Snowman" by Fischli/Weiss Commentated viewing with Sam Keller

Humans have been building snowmen for millennia. So what exactly makes this one by Swiss artist duo Fischli/Weiss so special? Sam Keller, Director of the Fondation Beyeler, sheds light on the many questions "Snowman" raises about our encounters with art, nature or ourselves.

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