Foundation Beyeler
The Founders

Over a period of fifty years, parallel to their activities as successful art dealers, the husband-and-wife team Hildy and Ernst Beyeler assembled a fine collection of works of classical modernism. In 1982 the private collection was converted into a foundation, and in 1989 it was publicly exhibited for the first time in its entirety at the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid. The collection comprises some 250 pictures and sculptures, representing a highly personal view of modern art governed by the highest standards of quality.

Purpose of the foundation

The Beyeler Collection is owned by the “Beyeler-Stiftung”. The purpose of the Fondation Beyeler is to make the collection accessible to the general public through its operation of the museum. In addition, the foundation’s aim is to awaken and sustain young people’s interest in art.

Board of Trustees

Hansjörg Wyss (Chairman), Gottfried Boehm, Edgar Fluri, James Koch, Georg Krayer, Christoph Megert, Christoph Stutz

Art for Tropical Forests

Art for Tropical Forests – the foundation initiated by Ernst Beyeler dedicated to protecting tropical forests worldwide.


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