Families and Youth

Families and Youth

The works of art displayed at the Fondation Beyeler are a cultural treasure. They should facilitate a widening of horizons, not only our own but those of generations to come. Even small children show an interest in art. In order to convey these cultural values, the Fondation Beyeler organizes various activities, workshops, tours, and issues thematic publications. The aim is to show that art can be more than merely "beautiful" and "interesting." Children's understanding of art is furthered from an early, receptive age. In this way, art is not only experienced but becomes an identity-shaping cultural asset and an integral part of life.

The prime purpose of our art education program is to awaken, further, and maintain interest in art on the part of children, adolescents and adults. This goal is expressly stated in the Fondation Beyeler statutes.

SPEED ART – A rapid reaction game about art and artists

What does it take to become a Speed Art expert? A good eye and a quick hand! Becoming an art connoisseur can go very fast. The recently launched card game about artworks at the Fondation Beyeler requires close observation, recognition and categorisation. Similarities must be discovered and differences perceived. In this way, the whole world of art from Classic Modernism right up to the present day is revealed in a playful way.
Speed Art is a game for the whole family. In order to win, a player needs a good memory and fast reactions. And the question «Is that abstract?!» can also be discussed in front of other artworks on the next museum visit.
Now available online or in our Art Shop.

Speed Art is the result of cooperation between game designers Carlit + Ravensburger and the Fondation Beyeler’s art education team. Its creation has been made possible by UBS, a long-standing and dedicated sponsor of the Fondation Beyeler and its partner for art education. Like the successful earlier book «What is Art?» and the mobile application «ArtShaker», the game Speed Art is intended to encourage as many people as possible, and particularly younger members of the public, to feel enthusiastic about art.

For 2 - 6 players, from 8 years, available in English, French, Italian and German.

ArtShaker App

A Cubist-style portrait of you? Your boyfriend or girlfriend as a Pop-Art comic strip character? Your pet animal as an Impressionist masterpiece?

With the ArtShaker App you can effortlessly mix and modify your own photos or famous artworks from the Fondation Beyeler by using colour, form, light and composition effects. You can create your own picture by shaking, making small movements or using original art filters. With over 20 filters available, there are thousands of possibilities. And you’ll learn what art is all about in a playful way.

You will also find interesting background material to various 20th century artists and art styles. Moreover, the 27 questions and answers of the book "What is Art?" published by the Fondation Beyeler last year, can be read in the app.


Art Publication for Young People

What is Art? 27 Questions and 27 Answers is a publication, published in 2012, that provides a fascinating introduction to the world of art. The Fondation Beyeler Art Appreciation Team replied to 27 queries on the part of young people: earnest, provocative, amusing and fundamental questions. In addition, the title question "What is Art?" is discussed by a range of experts in the field. Their statements provide insight into the thinking of people who deal with art professionally every day.

"Family Day" Two Times a Year

Our "Family Days" are intended to provide children and parents with a day full of art at the Fondation Beyeler. The schedule on these days is designed by members of our art education department to reflect emphases of the current exhibition. In addition to short guided tours and museum games, various workshops in the park provide an opportunity for practical, hands-on experiment. Family Days are held two times a year in parallel with our special exhibitions. The programme of tours, workshops and museum games is free of charge, as are admissions, to age 25.


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