A gift to the public

"I wanted to see how it would develop and whether it would last." (Ernst Beyeler)
The Fondation Beyeler has proved enormously popular ever since its inauguration in 1997 and welcomes an average 300,000 visitors every year. The museum was conceived by its creators, Hildy und Ernst Beyeler, as a gift to the public. It was to be a place of leisure, education, relaxation and delight.

Private bequests, donations, legacies, membership fees and state subsidies enable the Fondation to stage exhibitions of the highest quality and thereby to honour the vision of its original founders. For this we are profoundly grateful to all concerned.

We would be delighted if you, too, would like to contribute to the continued success of the Fondation Beyeler by means of a donation or bequest. We would be happy to discuss with you personally the various forms your commitment might take, depending on your wishes. You can choose to support a specific area of the Fondation’s activities, such as our Conservation Department, or purchase lifetime memberships for yourself and family members – a lasting investment both for you and for us. We are also happy to consider other suggestions for sponsorship, which we would be glad to fulfil as far as we are able. Please tell us your ideas.

If you would like to discuss the subject of donations and legacies in more depth, Michael Arnold is at your disposal:
Phone +41 - (0)61 - 645 97 50,

Friends of the Fondation Beyeler

The Friends of the Fondation Beyeler contribute to the success of each and every exhibition. As well as supporting the current programme of exhibitions through an annual sponsorship fee, they also have the option of making donations towards specific projects. The Friends make up a close circle around the director and his team. Once a year the Friends of the Fondation Beyeler make a full-day excursion to a cultural destination in the locality and an art trip to one of Europe’s major cities lasting several days. These trips are accompanied by the director Sam Keller and a curator. If you would like to support our work and in so doing express your appreciation of art, please contact Michael Arnold. He will be delighted to provide you with further information.

Phone +41 - (0)61 - 645 97 23,


Impressions in and around the Fondation Beyeler.